A Whole New Mind…

A Whole New Mind by Daniel Pink

There are some books that just stick with you.  I read Daniel Pink’s book entitled ‘A Whole New Mind’ several years ago.  Some clients took me to lunch at my favorite bookstore.  I know that sounds strange, but if you know me, you’d appreciate the fact that books and food are two of my favorite things!

Just after lunch, the gentleman excused himself and returned with a brown paper bag.  Dropping it on the table, he said, ‘we think this is a book that you will like.’  I find myself turning back to the principles that the author wrote about in that book on a regular basis.  Pink’s basic premisis is that to face the challenges ahead, we will have to develop a whole new way of thinking and developing solutions.  A thinking process which embraces both logic and creativity, feminine and masculine, yin & yang…

The challenges today demand it.  They simply will not conform to the good old adage of “that’s how we’ve always done it.”  This morning I attended the Large Board Leadership forums and wrap-up sessions.  Very interesting stuff!  I’ve found these forums to be rich sources of insight and information.  However, today’s session was also a study in the development of a whole new mind.

There was passionate and well reasoned discussion on the REALTOR Political Initiative which will be voted on this Saturday, May 14, 2011.  Listening to the arguments on both sides, I find myself thinking…this meeting might be great to simply watch!  Several themes begin to emerge.  I’m struck by the fact that it’s not really about the $40.  Yes, there’s a recession and things are tough, but these arguments are not the most impacting in my opinion…

I’m listening to a debate about ideas, about principles, about methadology and about communication.  Issues which frame not just a dues increase but which strike at the very core of what it means and will mean to be a REALTOR in the years ahead.  This is important stuff.  I don’t think it will be settled with one vote.  I’m simply thankful to hear voices…people talking and taking charge of the future they want to create.

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Lola Audu

Lola is a first generation American. During the past 20 years as a REALTOR® and broker, she has had the pleasure of providing professional guidance during real estate transactions for people from all over the globe. Growing up in West Africa and having the opportunity to immigrate to America and travel in Europe created a global perspective to life and business. As the REALTOR® brand expands across the globe and now encompasses 60 nations, Lola’s interest in fostering inter-cultural dialog has facilitated the creation of innovative coursework to assist REALTORS® in engagement across multiple cultural contexts. Lola designs and teaches workshops and continuing education classes in cultural intelligence, fair housing and leadership innovation through crisis.

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