#REthinkfuture Experience Coming to a City Near You – Are You Ready?

Participants were asked to text in words that describe how they feel about the real estate industry.

Tuesday morning I had the honor of participating in the NAR “Rethink the Future” experience – a private workshop hosted by the Strategic Planning Committee “to engage in a strategic conversation about the future.”

I’ve been involved in focus groups before, but this was truly an amazing experience. Led by Adaptive Edge, a cutting-edge group that works to guide companies through change into sustainable futures, this interactive experience was unlike any other I’d ever been a part of. Using technology to capture audience responses – from texting in our individual answers to working in teams to formulate a consensus of answers regarding scenarios about where our industry and profession are heading – it was a jam-packed morning of collaboration, ideas, and rethinking housing and the status quo.

The brainchild of NAR’s Strategic Planning Co-Chairs, Shannon Williams King and Elizabeth Mendenhall, it a packed house. We sat through five scenarios – 3 short-term and 2 long-term – projecting the possible future of real estate. As we choose to evolve (or not), we face a multitude of challenges which affect not only our personal businesses but our industry as a whole. As Jackie Leavenworth tweeted: “change is inevitable. growth is a choice.” Openness and Transparency - more important than ever.

Does it sound like something you would be interested in participating in, something you would like to bring to your local area? You’re in luck! The Committee is rolling out a series of #REthinkfuture events around the country and you could be picked to experience it!

Visit the “REThink the Future” website and click on “Download the Lottery PDF.” Your organization might be picked to host an event just like this morning’s and to weigh in on the future of real estate and your National Association of REALTORS®!

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