YPN Parties Down – Did You Miss the Most Happening Night at Midyear?

Did you miss the YPN Event last night? Shame on you – you missed one of the most happening events at Midyear!

The Young Professionals Network Networking Event is one of my favorite events at NAR – not because I get to hang with the under-40 set and not because there’s an open bar and delicious food, but because it’s a gathering of all of my favorite people in the same place…and because some of the brightest and most innovative minds in real estate are there, chatting over cocktails, sharing ideas, and getting to know one another better, which in turn strengthens our relationships and our industry.

Photo courtesy of Stephanie Baldwin

If you’ve thought to yourself: “I’m not a young professional; this event is not for me”… You’re wrong! YPN does not exist to be exclusionary – it exists to involve a demographic that has, in the past, had difficulty finding their place. if you’re young or young-at-heart, you’re welcome!

If you’ve thought to yourself: “I won’t know anyone there”… That’s crazy talk! Chances are, you’ll be surprised who you run into at YPN – fresh, new faces and seasoned veterans alike gather at the YPN event and you’ll certainly know someone there or simply use it as a chance to meet new friends.

Photo courtesy of Stephanie Baldwin

If you’ve thought to yourself: “These young people party all night – I’ve got a 7 AM meeting”… Sigh. You’re not the only one, and the party is from 6-8 PM. We can all get to bed early!

Make a note for next year: make it a point to attend the YPN event. I think you’ll be glad you did!

Maura Neill

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