What Does One DO At MidYear Meetings?

I have had several local Realtors ask me about MidYear…what it means…what happens….how to navigate. Other contributors will have lengthier posts that tell the story better, but here’s one quick perspective.

1. You can see your legislators face to face. Talk to them about proposed legislation (like the removal of the mortgage interest deduction) or crappy existing legislation (the damn HVCC). Make your voice heard. Reach out to your clients and find out what’s important to them, and take those concerns directly to Washington. Social media is cool, email blasts help, but nothing is more powerful than looking directly into the eyes of a politician dead-on. (May 15 is the day for Hill visits, see your state folks for detailed times and DO NOT BE LATE>)

2. You can find out what our industry is up to. What is happening on behalf of members. What benefits are in the works? What is happening to make us better and more professional as agents? What are MLS activities? What is happening with the scraper sites (i.e. Zillow, Trulia) and how do we manage the data? If you’re not on a committee, you can still sit in on many forums and get yourself educated as you get your voice heard.

3. Learn a little something. The good folks at CRS will have a ton of free educational stuff, where you might find answers on where to find buyers and sellers-how to navigate multiple offers-where to find inventory-all of those super-important items. If you work with buyers, in fact, you can register for an entire day of buyer education HERE. (this all-day buyer class is less than $200).

4.  My favorite is probably ‘lobby-con’, where you can have conversations with agents from around the country, from every walk of life and business style, networking and learning about the larger picture.  It’s easy for us as agents to wind up with tunnel vision but important for our clients to understand that bigger picture.

Come on.  Show up.  Be involved.  And if you feel lost or confused, reach out to me or any of the other folks who have been before-we will help you find a way to be a part of the solutions within our industry.

Leigh Brown

International sales/motivational speaker who happens to be hilarious in an almost-inappropriate-but-still-family-friendly way. Also one of the top selling real estate agents (aka REALTOR®) in the Charlotte, North Carolina, real estate market. And a RE/MAX broker/owner with one of the largest and most successful firms on the planet. Also in the RPAC Hall of Fame (if you know what that is). Also a wife. A mama. With 3 cats available for adoption at any evening around 3:00am when they cough up hairballs. A child of God and a follower of Jesus. Trying to get life right, one mistake at a time. Oh! I almost forgot! My first book was published in January 2016. You totally want a copy. OutrageousAuthenticity.com.

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