Nerd-out at Midyear!

In spite of one might think, it’s not all about politics and policy at Midyear.  For you nerd/tech/data junkies, 2013’s Midyear will have something for you too!

On Tuesday morning the Federal Technology Policy Advisory Board meets to address some rising trends and legislation when it comes to technology in the real estate space.  That afternoon, all the data compiled from the (very successful) REThink workshops will be revealed.  Insight from over 5,000 REALTORS from all over the country will be revealed and the Strategic Planning Committee wants to put it all together for actionable initiatives.

On Wednesday, the first ever meeting of the Social Media Advisory Board will take place where they’ll discuss the current climate and trends the board members are seeing in the real estate social space to be forwarded to the Member Communications Committee the board is under.

All day Wednesday and Thursday, NAR’s technology incubator Reach will be showcasing their first class of companies.   There’ll be demos galore!  Here are my initial thoughts on their products…

BombBomb:  Have you downloaded the NAR/Google Digital House Hunt Study?  Buyers and sellers are using video – in increasing numbers – in their house hunt.  What’re you doing with video?  How are you humanizing market stats, the state of housing in your community, or flat-out showing off your community in video?  These guys will help make video in your marketing easy.

Lumentus:  Want a full featured social business and marketing platform, but not a lot of time to develop content?  Lumentus is for you.  They’ll gather real estate info across the web and pull it all into one dashboard where you’ll have the choice of your social presences in which to deploy it all.

Planwise:  Yes, I know the market is busy.  But now is not the time to forget about the buyers stalking real estate websites now looking to buy in the future.  Every agent and broker needs some sort of sticky website content to help these people determine their home-buy strategy, and Planwise does just that.  It’s an interactive financial planning platform that allows these folks to plug in data at will, in the platform of your choosing via traditional web or WordPress.  Imagine having this on your website, next to a home and your company’s mortgage rates.  Hello sticky site, and hello lead incubation!

Reach150:  Your online presence says a lot about you, and your online reputation can cement a buyer or seller’s choice in you.  Reach150 streamlines collection and conveyance of testimonials from your raving fans – your clients – into one, easy to access platform.  For agents and brokers, this is a must-have.

Treater:  Everyone has a smartphone nowadays.  Almost everyone is on a social network as well!  How about putting all that presence to work for you, after the sale.  Friend your client on Facebook, take a look at what they “like,” and give them a closing gift they’ll use, via Treater.  Delivered to their smartphone for easy use, for good measure.

Updater: Have you ever moved?  Your clients will.  Ask them how long it took to manage their mail.  I just moved to Chicago and it took my wife a week to get all our mail, magazines, bills and stuff forwarded.  Imagine having one service that does this all for your clients with your brand across the top – a one stop shop that I would’ve killed for.  Well, that’s what Updater does, and they do it really well.

Workface:  Do you have killer website content, worth talking about?  Want to get a client at their “moment of interest”?  Workface is for you.  It’s software easily integrated into an agent or broker’s online presence that allows for chat.  In real-time.   On-demand floor duty is here and now.

Thursday is nerd-day!  There’s an ecommerce presentation at 9am.  NAR’s head nerd will talk contextual web, virtual assistants, and peer-sourced techniques during the Emerging Business and Technology Forum at 1pm.  Our friends at will be sharing perspectives on technology and mobile trends at 2pm, the Research Committee will be talking data at 3pm, and brokers themselves will be talking strategy to remain relevant during their “Power Brokers: Remaining Relevant in the New Age of Real Estate” session at 330pm.

And I didn’t even mention the awesome conversations that happen in the hotel lobbies and bars during the week.  Also known as “Lobbycon.”

What. A. Week.  Hope to see you all there!

Nobu Hata

Nobu Hata is the Director of Member Engagement for the National Association of REALTORS®. A former top producing REALTOR®, Nobu specializes in helping members, brokers and Association execs integrate new school techniques into their practice to reduce friction for members, buyers and sellers; increase productivity; and earn trust and business in a crazy real estate world.

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  1. As a tech director at his first midyear, this post has really helped!