Do you know your NRDS number?

In the local leadership idea exchange for medium boards, there were some comments that came up about knowing your NRDS number. There was a concern raised that REALTORS can’t access without it and as a result are not taking advantage of the benefits. I was a bit surprised at the comments as I am a card carrying NAR member and always have it in my wallet. If you don’t carry your card, it is just a click to look up your number. Is this really a serious concern?

Moving on to more important issues, there were plenty of comments about losing ground to the other big listing aggregators. Opinions in the audience ranged from questions about high costs and value of enhanced listings to the sense that is not keeping pace with current technology like the competition.

Low inventory around the country is creating “pocket listings” (listings off the MLS), or the advertising of listings “coming soon”. For those areas dealing with these issues, the concerns are being handled legislatively, along with language in listing forms detailing what it means to be excluded from the MLS. As inventory drops, it is a problem that could be coming to an MLS near you.


Linda Davis

Linda Davis has sold real estate in Ledyard, CT for over 35 years. She is active in her local board of REALTORS® and in her community, where she serves as an elected official, holding the office of deputy mayor and chairman of the Ledyard Town Council. Linda has been blogging since September 2005 and helps keep her community connected through social media. She teaches a number of CE Classes in CT and speaks and blogs on social media and technology solutions to real estate professionals around the country.

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  1. Jessica Hickok

    Linda, I agree with you on the NRDS number and knowing it or not. Physical card, or not, you should know/memorize your number. It’s part of your job. Save the money, I don’t need a physical card.

  2. Linda Davis

    Thanks Jessica. I just felt that with all the important issues we are dealing with, discussing NRDS numbers seemed out of place at such an important forum.