Live Blog from the 2013 Midyear Board of Directors

The 2013 National Association of REALTORS® Board of Directors met on Saturday, May 18, 2013 at the Washington DC Marriott Wardman Park.  The following are the live events in chronological order.

Board of Directors Meeting

(Note:  This is a live blog, so much will depend on internet connectivity.)

8:30 am

Meeting called to order by NAR President Gary Thomas (Monarch Beach, CA)

8:32 am

Prayer and Pledge


Introduction of Officers

  • Steve Brown, President Elect
  • Chris Polychron, First Vice President
  • William Armstrong, Treasurer
  • Leslie Smith, Vice President
  • Bill Brown, Vice President
  • Mary Lou Stephens, Marietta, Georgia, the parliamentarian for this meeting.
  • Laurie Janik, NAR General Counsel
  • Moe Veissi, Immediate Past President
  • And Dale Stinton, Chief Executive Officer


Ron Phipps, Nominating report

For Regional Vice President:

RVP: Region 1 D. Gary Rogers Watham, MA
RVP: Region 2 William J. Hanley Somerset, NJ
RVP: Region 3 John R. Dickenson Union Hall, VA
RVP: Region 4 Michael Gaughan – Not in Attendance Hendersonville, TN
RVP: Region 5 Barbara Jill Harris St. John, VI
RVP: Region 6 Jonathan M. Hall Celina, OH
RVP: Region 7 John Kmiecik Palos park, IL
RVP: Region 8 Henry Kammandel Jr. Omaha, NE
RVP: Region 9 Elizabeth Mendenhall Columbia, MO
RVP: Region 10 David McKey Baton Rouge, LA
RVP: Region 11 Karen Valentine -Pond Laramie, WY
RVP: Region 12 Rick Harris Talent, OR
RVP: Region 13 Jim Liptak Paso Robles, CA

For Treasurer: Mike McGrew, Lawrence, Kansas

For President-Elect – Chris Polychron, Hot Springs, Arkansas


Tom Salomone at podium to deliver FVP candidate address


Jim Helsel at podium to deliver FVP candidate address

Clapping noise from both sides sounds even.  I’m sitting in the exact middle of the room.


Thomas explains voting process.  Each director had to show ID has we came in.  We have an envelop with another inside and a ballot that is to be sealed.

Crowe Horwath, LLP accounting firm.

8:58 Voting Begins:  Directors to take ballots to Region boxes.

My ballot's in the box.

9:08 a.m.

Voting closed.



9:15 am

Introduction of Representatives from outside organizations to the BOD

  • Evangelina Yia, International Real Property Exchange, Inc., Philippines
  • Howard Morley, New Zealand
  • Alfonso Gordon, Spain
  • Juani Pareja de Castro, Klass Inmobiliaria, Peru
  • Donnell Spivey, National Association of Real Estate Brokers
  • Wayne Moen, RE/MAX River City, Canada


  • Juan Martinez, National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP)
  • Jim Park, Asian Real Estate Association of America (AREAA)


Introduction of Institutes, Societies and Councils Leadership


Wayne D’Amico, President

Steven W. Moreira, Executive Committee Representative

Henry F. White, JR., Chief Executive Officer


Darren Kittleson, President

Gregory S. Herb, Executive Committee Representative

Ginny Shipe, Chief Executive Officer


Mary McCall, President

Ingrid E. Glancy, Executive Committee Representative

Lana Vukovljak, Chief Executive Officer


Elizabeth (Beth) Machen, President

O. Randall Woodbury, Executive Committee Representative

Russell Salzman, Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer


Charles Wingert, President

John M. Dean, Executive Committee Representative

Michele Cohen, Executive Vice President


Terry E. Smith, President

David C. Lockwood, III, Executive Committee Representative

Richard E. Hollander, Executive Vice President


Howard C. Gelbtuch, Chair of the Board

A. C. Schwethelm, Executive Committee Representative

Mary Walker Fleischmann, President and Chief Executive Officer


Anita Davis, President

Margret E. Roberts, Executive Committee Representative

Gary Krysler, Executive Vice President

Elizabeth Blake, Habitat for Humanity International (addition)

CRS CEO Nina Cottrell

9:20 a.m.

Nina Cottrell was given specific recognition.  My previous post: CRS Bids Farewell To CEO Cottrell

9:23 a.m.

Councils’ bylaw amendments pass.

9:23 a.m.

Remembrance of Donald H. Treadwell, 1984 President, Naples, FL


BOD passes Student Membership Level:  ”That an Academic Membership category be created to engage post-secondary academics who are involved in the real estate programs at colleges and universities.”


Emeritus motion passes


Numerous other amendments.  With any dialog or words from floor, I will share.


Margaret Hartman, President of the New York State Association of REALTORS and Tina Banasiak, President of the New Jersey Association of REALTORS sends appreciation from their states for help during Hurricane Sandy (the 2nd most costly storm in history).


Bill Armstrong delivers Treasurer’s report.

Financial position is “very, very good”

972,508 members / 960,000 budgets

990,000+ in NRDS

1,010,000 is next goal

Audit shows good stead

All Treasurer’s motions pass

Special note:  Student dues are $25/member


Consumer Communication Committee J. Robert Bailey makes recommendation to continue Public Advocacy Campaign.

Executive Committee recommends name shift to Public Advertising Campaign.

Amendment and Motion pass


More Treasurer’s motions


Question from floor on individual membership category removal.  General Counsel Laurie Janik explains.  Committee will look at issue brought to floor.

10:00 report

Cathy Whatley, NAR Past President, reports first

Consumers not only want accurate information, they want information on all things real estate on line.  If they can’t find it there, they will find it from a third-party syndicator.

We need to give content flexibility in order to compete. Cathy Whatley

Errol Samuelson, President of to provide the report

We strive to represent what’s “real” in real estate.

90%+ of our listing are updated every 15 minutes.

Find It First Commercial doubled leads to had a 10% share of voice in 2012 34% trulia 66% zillow #narmidyear

What consumers want

Fresh up-to-date data 74%

Comprehensive data 73%

Editorial alert:  Errol Samuelson, President of is an amazing speaker

Motions regarding passed.


Distinguished Service Award winners

#83 Mary Francis Burleson (Dallas, TX)

#84 Marbury Little (Metarie, LA)


Multiple Listing Issues & Policies Committee Report:  Bonnie Fitzgerald (NJ)

Amendment from Executive to recommend:  Recommend refer back to committee

Line at the microphones

Floor discussion:

Lots of people at the mics.

Discussion on both sides of issue

Large brokers have spoken for and against amendment.  Very split opinions.

Sorry for not being able to blog comments.  It’s too much info and is going by too quickly to be accurate.

I’m not an accountant.  Here are the votes per region.

LT Amendment Fails 275 to 341.  A 66 vote difference.  Vote tally below.  For Amendment/Against Amendment

Region 1:  For Amendment 19/Against Amendment 16




New Hampshire

Rhode Island


Region 2:  5/57

New Jersey

New York


Region 3:  20/16




West Virginia


Region 4:  29/18


North Carolina

South Carolina


Region 5:  54/30





Puerto Rico

Virgin Islands

Region 6: 5/25



Region 7:  15/18




Region 8:  20/2




North Dakota

South Dakota

Region 9:  20/13





Region 10:  7/40



Region 11:  11/41




New Mexico



Region 12:  16/16






Region 13:  36/45




Affiliates and Head Table:  18/4

11:07  Professional Development report

The maximum permissible fine that may be imposed for COE violations increased from $10K to $15K.

Committee Reports and motions flowed as follows:

Association Executives Committee

CHAIR                                                VICE CHAIR                                                LIAISON

Mark Allen Andrea Bushnell Bill Martin
Edina, MN Greensboro, NC Lansing, MI

Legal Action Committee

CHAIR                                                VICE CHAIR                                                LIAISON

Lesia Ford Lynn Leegard Linda Page
West Memphis, AR Blaine, MN Rhinebeck, NY

Multiple Listing Issues & Policies Committee

CHAIR                                                VICE CHAIR                                                LIAISON

Bonnie Fitzgerald William Lublin Linda Page
Lakewood, NJ Philadelphia, PA Rhinebeck, NY

Professional Standards Committee

CHAIR                                                VICE CHAIR                                                LIAISON

Kemper Funkhouser Brad Knapp Linda Page
Harrisonburg, VA Lebanon, OH Rhinebeck, NY

REALTOR® Party Trustees for State and Local Campaign Services Committee

CHAIR                                                VICE CHAIR                                                LIAISON

Kevin Sears Rick Violett Charlie Oppler
Springfield, MA Yorba Linda, CA Alpine, NJ

State and Local Issues Mobilization Support Committee

CHAIR                                                VICE CHAIR                                                LIAISON

Susan Renfrew J. Gregory Connors Charlie Oppler
Greenfield, MA Stillwater, NY Alpine, NJ

State & Local Issues Policy Committee

CHAIR                                                VICE CHAIR                                                LIAISON

Laurie Urbigkit Robert Miller Christina Clemans
Casper, WY Dublin, OH Cape May, NJ

Professional Development Committee

CHAIR                                                VICE CHAIR                                                LIAISON

Marge Lindsay Vicky Hammond JoAnne Poole

Glen Burnie, MD

Phoenix, AZ Missoula, MT Sarah Taylor

Port Saint Lucie, FL


Concern about GRI designation.  ET amendment is being debated as the committee feels it will hamper the program further.  Designation is down 82%.

“That the GRI Policy be amended so the minimum hours of instruction for the GRI designation program consist of 60 hours (a reduction of 90 hours.)”


Lots of debate on the GRI motion.


LT amendment fails/ GRI vote passes


REALTOR University Richard Rothenthal, Chairman of the Board of Regents Report

60 Total students enrolled

120 course takers to date in 2013

26 states and Candad

54% Females

Average age:  46

17 students have a master’s degree

Students’ age range:  25-70

17 Minority Students

11:38:  Accountant hands election results to President Thomas, it appears, while Rosenthal speaks.

11:42 Rosenthal done


Election results:

342 required to win

Helsel:  337

Salomone:  344

11:45 RPR Videos playing

11:54: I’m done guys.  I’ve got to head to the stage area for liaison presentation.

2014 President Steve Brown announced his leadership team (LT) and extended leadership team (ELT):

The 2014 Vice Presidents and Liaisons prior to being presented on stage.

  • Beth Peerce (CA):  Vice President
  • JoAnne Poole (MD):  Vice President
  • Sharon Keating (MO):  Association Executives Liaison
  • Linda St. Peter (CT):  Commercial Liaison
  • Pamela Monroe (NJ):  Business Specialties Group Liaison
  • Adrian Arriaga (TX):  Global Real Estate Liaison
  • Tiffany Curry (TX):  Consumer Relations Liaison
  • Steve A. Brown (TN):  Large Residential Firms Relations
  • Linda Lee (CA):  Law & Policy Liaison
  • Brian Copeland (TN):  Member Services Liaison
  • Cynthia Shelton (FL):  Public & Federal Issues Liaison
  • David Wluka (MA):  REALTOR Party Community Engagement Liaison
  • Iona Harrison (MD):  REALTOR Party Disbursement Liaison
  • Summer Green (FL):  REALTOR Party Fundraising Liaison
  • John Flor (WI):  REALTOR Party Member Involvement Liaison

Brian Copeland

Brian Copeland (CRS, GRI, ePRO, ABR) is a REALTOR® in Nashville where he is the Chief Engagement Officer and Chief of Broker Services for Village Real Estate Services. He is part of the extended leadership team as the Membership Services Liaison for Steve Brown. He is a 2012 graduate of NAR Leadership Academy. He serves as Vice President of the Greater Nashville Association of REALTORS®. In 2010, Brian won the NAR Technology Spotlight Award for his technology advocacy. Brian has spoken for numerous state and local associations, including Ohio, Indiana, Virginia, Oklahoma, Florida, Oregon, Illinois, Arkansas, Montana, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina and Arizona. He’s a strong RPAC advocate, have worked as Tennessee’s Major Investor Council Rep and a Golden R President’s Circle Member. In 2012, he lead his company to become Inman’s 2012 Most Innovative Brokerage/Franchise. In 2014, he was named in the Top 100 Most Influential Real Estate professionals by Inman. Brian has appeared on countless HGTV and TLC TV shows and considers himself a reformed TV addict. Brian makes his home on a farm outside of Nashville with his son, Micah, and spouse, Greg, where they are expecting a daughter any day now.

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