A Picture is Worth a 1000 Followers

So, as I sit on this train, traveling from Connecticut to Washington D.C. for this year’s Realtor’s Legislative Meeting & Trade Expo,  I am browsing multiple platforms of social media. As I browse, I find that my focus is naturally drawn to the colorful photos. My personal favorite platform to check out the world in color is Instagram (IG). I would love to say that our industry has completely embraced IG but it seems we are just a tad behind while we comfortably spend countless hours on Facebook (I love Facebook too).

It seems like a golden opportunity this week to leverage the already popular politicians as we snap lots of photos of them speaking to us, us speaking to them and of course the historical sightings of D.C.  I  plan to meet my Congressman this week and present one of the issues to him regarding affordable housing.  I highly doubt the locals in my home town and state will care much about the 1000’s of letters I’ll use to form words, sentences and paragraphs explaining all that I did but a photo of me speaking to our well respected politician is worth so much more…perhaps a 1000 likes or RT’s or double-taps. 


Most of our politicians have a rather large following on social media already so imagine the impact of hash-tagging their name coupled with our meeting hashtag (#NARlegistive). I can hardly contain my glee as I sit on this over-crowded train. 

Quincy Clayton

Quincy has been a REALTOR® since 2001 and has a long history of serving military buyers and sellers. He is the pioneer of his local association YPN and has affectionately become known as "Mr. YPN.” As an extension of his local YPN, Quincy has also led the YPN and association to successfully launch Connecticut's very first REBARCAMP! He currently serves his local association as President. He not only serves his local association but shares his time and talents with the state and national associations, currently as a Connecticut board member and vice chair of the Communications Committee as well as vice-chair of the NAR Local Leadership Idea Exchange Council Medium Board Forum. When not volunteering his time to this great industry or selling homes, Quincy enjoys creating video tours for other REALTORS®, public speaking, teaching the Principles and Practices of Real Estate course, and playing the piano, bass guitar and drums. Quincy is thrilled to be part of the REALTORS® Rock Band as the keyboardist!! Finally, although singing is not his forte, he loves being behind a karaoke microphone which has become an NAR Conference tradition.

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