A Great Way to See the City

I wanted to title this “The Best Way to See a City” but I guess you could disagree. I am not “a runner” but I love to run, especially this time of year. I also love to travel and I found out a long time ago that my favorite way to see a city is to run it. No one spots you as a tourist and you can see life being lived out in a new place. Business men and women rushing off to work, mother’s walking their children, kids going to school, couple’s walking their dogs (the dogs are always my favorites). Little things like how a place handles recycling and trash are telling. I am always reminded how similar we are, no matter where we live. It’s not just the sights but also the smells. Construction, perfume, fresh baked bread. When you are huffing and puffing you are literally breathing in the city. New smells often transform me to another place at another time. It is funny how smells do that to you.

The best part about seeing a city this way is that it is free. And you can go for as long or as little a time as you have. If it wasn’t for running, there are several work trips I would have never seen the outside of the hotel.

Now I am severely directionally challenged so the thought of taking off running in a new place is a bit scary. I think this is why it is also so much fun. And with a “smart” phone it is pretty hard to get lost.

Here are a few pics from my run this morning. I didn’t get to snap one of an herb garden which was one of my favorite finds.

monument 2 flowers embassy

I am planning on going tomorrow. What do you think, NAR running group?

Teah Hopper

As the Vice-President of Marketing and Communications for Missouri REALTORS®, Teah oversees all of the Association’s marketing and communication initiatives including management of the Association’s website and online community, graphic and video production, digital engagement and public relations. In her role, she strives to provide relevant and valuable resources to members on the platforms they prefer. Teah enjoys educating members on the value of social media and making new technology easy and approachable.

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