Politics may not be exciting for many in our profession but it is clear that it plays a huge role in our day-to-day jobs. Let’s face it, we have a national meeting in the largest political arena in the country being Washington D.C.; perhaps politics is bigger than many of  us think. 

Federal Legislative ForumToday I had a really good seat in front of the stage, so close I was able to hear the gulps of each panelist with every sip of water they took; not quite as exciting as “The Rubio Gulp”.

The common denominator between Ed Gillespie, (Former Counselor to the President, U.S. Senate Candidate and Chair of the RNC) and Donna Brazile,was that…get this… SOCIAL MEDIA is a significant part of politics today. Donna said, “In this world, nothing happens unless it gets posted” and Ed said, “…as a man tweets, so is he”. The belief of Ed is that Social Media has the power to swing those purple states into red states.

I was thrilled to stand before both Ed and Donna to ask a question about their presidential predictions where they each believe their party will win but they both agree that it is not a run-away race for either side.  With lots of humor blended into many of the talking points delivered by Donna, this 8:00 A.M. meeting was definitely NOT a sleeper and anything BUT boring. What was my personal highlight of the forum??? Donna Brazile being smitten by my bowtie to the point that I blushed as I walked away from the microphone. ..and to think, I almost went tie-less today.

Quincy Clayton

Quincy has been a REALTOR® since 2001 and has a long history of serving military buyers and sellers. He is the pioneer of his local association YPN and has affectionately become known as "Mr. YPN.” As an extension of his local YPN, Quincy has also led the YPN and association to successfully launch Connecticut's very first REBARCAMP! He currently serves his local association as President. He not only serves his local association but shares his time and talents with the state and national associations, currently as a Connecticut board member and vice chair of the Communications Committee as well as vice-chair of the NAR Local Leadership Idea Exchange Council Medium Board Forum. When not volunteering his time to this great industry or selling homes, Quincy enjoys creating video tours for other REALTORS®, public speaking, teaching the Principles and Practices of Real Estate course, and playing the piano, bass guitar and drums. Quincy is thrilled to be part of the REALTORS® Rock Band as the keyboardist!! Finally, although singing is not his forte, he loves being behind a karaoke microphone which has become an NAR Conference tradition.

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