MRP and Social Media and Communications, OH MY!

It has been a busy week so far and it’s been great. I’ve had a chance to catch up with agents I know only online as well as familiar faces across my state of Arizona.

Yesterday, I had the honor of being on the panel for the Military Relocation Professionals class, taught by the amazing Maura Carey Neill. Last year, I was in her class to get my certification.

Being a REALTOR that has the honor of representing our military members in their real estate needs is something that makes everything worthwhile and I was happy to share my experiences with this new class. We talked about a lot of different topics such as marketing to the military community (NO! You don’t have to have access to your local installation to be successful!!) to VA Loans (did you know you can re-use your VA benefits?) to what special things do we do for that transaction (Skype is a beautiful thing when your buyers is overseas!) and more.

If you work with the military, consider pursuing the MRP. The networking alone is worth it!

This morning, I sat in on one of my favorite meetings – the Social Media Advisory Board. We all know how challenging social media can be. There are so many different outlets and ways to get ourselves out into the internet universe. At today’s meeting – which, by the way was too short so if any Powers That Be at NAR are reading along, can we talk about making this a 90 minute meeting next time – Brian Copeland gave a presentation about “Taming The Trolls”. I wish I had taken better notes or just recorded the darn thing because it was a good one. Trolls meaning those folks who seem clueless or are just plain mean when it comes to commenting on different threads online. You know the ones I’m talking about.  I’m the kind of person who likes to jump into it with some people but best advice is to just Leave it Alone. Period. End of Story. I need to learn that!

You and I and just about every single agent online need to take a proactive look at our presence and how we approach discussions. Are we adding to the solution by offering ideas to solve problems or are we just sitting in front of our keyboards, moaning and groaning and going after anyone who has a different opinion? We are all Ambassadors to our brand, our career and our national organization and we need to take pride in that.

Discussions in both the Social Media Meeting and the Member Communication meeting touched on the topic of getting the message out to the membership. How does NAR successfully communicate articles, statistics and so on to a huge community? I don’t know about you but my email box is usually overflowing each morning and having to go through information about, for example, trends, sent from not just NAR but my local association as well as my state association is time consuming and way too repetitive. It makes me want to just delete everything without reading a word.  As far as I’m concerned, I’m much more interested in my local take on things because that’s what will benefit my clients the most. Ideas discussed in the Member Communications meeting were pretty good, focusing in on letting the local associations take what NAR sends and distribute it to their members. Let’s brand it local and let us do what we need and want to do with the information.

Tomorrow, I get to go on a field trip to the Veterans Administration and I’m really looking forward to that. It’s the first field trip I’ve done during the Midyear meetings.

Emmary Simpson

Emmary Simpson is a REALTOR® and MRP with Realty One Group Mountain Desert - Tucson. She's been in real estate since 2010 and partners with husband Kent. Her main focus is assisting our military members moving to or from Davis Monthan Air Force Base as well as retired members of all branches. She is also the Chair of the Education Committee for the Beverly Carter Foundation.

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