A Recap of Day One

The day started with the  8:00 AM Federal Legislative & Political Forum with guests Donna Brazile and Ed Gillespie.

Tom 4Donna Spoke first on gridlock in DC. She said they use traffic circles to move traffic… In circles which is also the way Congress moves. She went on to say we even had a hurricane and earthquake here and nothing moved.

She then spoke about social media and elections. She said, “I remember when being followed by a stranger was a bad thing”, but that social media has changed election by being able to target your audience more effectively. On the upcoming election, she said the Democrats only have one candidate but Vice President Biden was plan B. She said the House won’t change, but the Senate could shift again. She was very funny and enjoyable to listen to.

Tom 4Ed Gillespie spoke next. He is the chair of Republican National Committee and former counselor to the President. He spoke about the presidential race and the 13 candidates who are in the race. Talked about how the Republicans could win but need to provide Americans with opportunities for a better tomorrow. He told use how his father immigrated here to be a janitor and he, the son of that janitor, went on to become the counselor to the President. Next he spoke about social media, and how it helps level the playing field in elections because it allows “asymmetrical warfare” as he called it. He also said the next president may appointment up to three Supreme Court Justices.

Then there was the meeting for The Federal Technology Advisory Board, of which I am a member. First was a report from the Reach 2015 class. Click here to find out more about the Reach program and the 2015 class. There are some great companies and opportunities in the program. We talked also about the patent legislation that is currently making its way through Congress and what we like and don’t like about some of the proposals. Next up, Privacy and Data Security. I believe this may be a huge issue in our business. We are receiving info on our clients, and the clients on the other side, that could put us at risk like copies of checks and sometimes credit info. We need to make sure at a minimum the devices we use have password protection, and better yet some level of encryption. NAR has put together a four-hour class on this topic. We went over the Net Neutrality issue, and the fact the FCC proposal addressed the issues we were concerned with. The providers have now filed lawsuits against the FCC so we will keep an eye on this. For more info on this issue click here.
Tom 1
Then came the Data Strategies committee. I do not sit on this committee but have been going to the meetings for several years. The committee broke out into three groups. I sat in on the group talking about beacons, wearables, and smart home technology. We talked about where this is headed, and its possible impact on our business. Needless to say I loved this discussion and totally geeked out at what is possible with these items and how we can use this new technology.

Tom 3NAR 360 was up next. We heard from our President Chris Polychron and the new CEO of MOVE, we saw the new realtor.com commercials with Elizabeth Banks, which were very funny and very well done. We also heard from the family of Beverly Carter. Her son spoke to us about his mother and safety. This was such a moving speech and what a amazingly strong young man.

Tom 5Lastly, I went to the YPN networking event, which is always a hot ticket to get. It was a fun time, and that is all I have to say about that.

Tom Hormel

Tom has been a REALTOR® since 1999. He has been married to Andrea for 23 years and they have two beautiful children, Kelsey (19) and Grace (12). Tom has served the REALTOR® family on the local, state, and national levels. Locally, Tom serves as the Washington state RPAC chair-elect and served as the 2011 and 2012 President of the Washington state chapter of CRS®. At the national level, Tom serves on the Federal Technology Advisory Board, the Multiple Listing Issues & Policy Committee, and as a National Association of REALTORS® Director since 2013.

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