Redefining the R®

The Consumer Communications Committee has put some serious sweat equity into redefining the REALTOR® brand.  Before the committee members could even roll up their sleeves and get to work, they tackled a the most important task – crafting a mission statement to guide the group to a super successful end goal.

“Position the realtor value proposition for today’s hyper connected consumer and go beyond the traditional demographics with a focus on how and where today’s consider interact with media.”  Consumer Communications Committee Redefining the REALTOR® Brand Mission Statement

After perfecting the mission statement, the next step in the quite cumbersome and multi year task was to launch a national advertising agency search to shake things up in terms of brand exposure.  The criteria provided to the company facilitating the national agency search included the following:  extensive experience in behavioral targeting, a vast understanding of broadcast and social media marketing including reaching multi-generational audicences, storytelling via video and progressive advertising mediums such as commercials on Hulu and/or digital audio commercials on Pandora.

Look for more details, including a list of the advertising agency contenders this summer.

Jennifer Archambeault

Jennifer Archambeault is a tech nerd in a Real Estate Broker's body. When she is not using her wide range of talents to market or close the next real estate deal, you will find her leveraging her technology expertise to her team of agents at Urban Provision, REALTORS®. Jennifer’s drive for virtual, mobile and paperless real estate transactions allows her to keep a pulse on new technological and educational offerings, stay in tune with industry changes and connect with other leaders within the real estate community. When at home in Austin Texas, she can be found concocting on her latest home brew, honing her culinary chops or planning her next adventurous getaway. She believes in keeping Austin weird, as long as it’s done with the latest real estate technology.

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