USDA is not just about Steaks


Tony Hernandez Director of Rural Housing Services Open the Door for REALTORS for A special briefing at Department of Agriculture USDA

USDA is not just about the steaks and food, they are in many parts of the country an important stake holder in providing housing services  for single family, multi- family, and communities facilities in many rural communities around the nation.  USDA also works to impove the quality of life for rural communities throughout America, not just in our fly over states.

Tuesday morning at 7:30, REALTORS ® Boarded a bus from the Marriot Wardman to journey to the department of Agriculture to hear from Tony Hernandez, Administrator Rural Housing Service and Lisa Mensah, Under Secretary for Rural Development to hear about the essential services that USDA Rural Development Programs.

Offering a variety of  programs that are essential for strong rural communities, USDA through Rural Housing services provide loans and grants.

We heard from Rural Housing Services Administrator Tony Hernandez, Under Secretary of  Rural Development Lisa Mensah and their Team.

There are many great programs that the USDA has to offer members of Rural Community, including lower income loans, grants, and programs to build strong and healthy communities. The Staff of USDA is determined to help Rural Communities, improve the standard of life for all the member of these small towns that may have lower incomes, less loan programs available to members of the communities to build new homes, buy existing homes and they even have programs to help people that need to improve their current homes through loans or in some instances grants. Check out http://www.rd.usda.gov/programs-services for more information about what Tony Hernandez and his team can do for your small communities.


Under Secretary of Rural Development Lisa Mensah


Tony Hernandez with NARLA Graduates Yoshi Nori Takita and Erica Solomon

Axay "Ax" Parekh, CRS, AHWD®, e-PRO®

Axay Parekh from Tulsa, called Ax by his friends is the 2016 President Elect of the Greater Tulsa Association of REALTORS® and was selected Sales Associate of the Year in 2012 for his work to bring new technology to the Tulsa market. As a member of the Major Investor Council, Ax worked to help Oklahoma Reach the Presidents Cup for RPAC in 2015 for the first time. Axay serves on the Board of Directors at the state level and has served as member of NAR’s Social Media Advisory Council and this year will serve as the Vice Chair of the Emerging Business and Technology Forum and continue his work on the Major Investor Council.

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