Using Evernote at the Legislative Meetings

EvernoteOne of my most used tech tools during the Legislative Meetings is Evernote. Weeks before the meetings commenced, I created a “notebook” called NAR 2015 Legislative Meetings. It can be found under my NAR “stack” which I began in 2011. The very first “note” I entered into my meeting notebook was a copy of my meeting registration followed by my hotel reservation and my Amtrak tickets. Also included is the information I will need for my State and Local Issues Committee meeting as well as my email confirmations for dinner reservations and the tour I’m taking while in Washington DC. Now I have the ability to access all of these documents from my mobile devices

I take all my meeting notes in Evernote. I can add photos of presentation slides, add live links to URLs that are mentioned and even record the speakers if permitted. I always create a Meeting Expo note to jot down info or photos of interesting tools I see on the floor.

By “tagging” my notes with appropriate references, I’ll be able to quickly find them by searching for a specific tag. For example, let’s say while attending one of the CRS education sessions, the instructor mentions an app that I find interesting. In addition to tagging the note “Legislative Live”, I might also tag it “apps” and “CRS” to find it easily in the future.

If you have never used Evernote, it may be time to see why users of Evernote are raving fans. There’s even an Evernote for Real Estate Group on Facebook!

Linda Davis

Linda Davis has sold real estate in Ledyard, CT for over 35 years. She is active in her local board of REALTORS® and in her community, where she serves as an elected official, holding the office of deputy mayor and chairman of the Ledyard Town Council. Linda has been blogging since September 2005 and helps keep her community connected through social media. She teaches a number of CE Classes in CT and speaks and blogs on social media and technology solutions to real estate professionals around the country.

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