BOD Newbie No More

This dude (me), has a very short history with NAR meetings. This is what I have attended…EVER…

  1. 2012 Leadership Summit – Chicago (where I got the NAR itch; Thank you YPN)
  2. 2012 NAR Annual Conference & Expo – Orlando
  3. 2013 NAR Annual Conference & Expo – San Francisco
  4. 2014 REALTOR Party Conference & Trade Expo
  5. 2014 NAR Annual Conference & Expo – New Orleans
  6. 2015 REALTORS Legislative Meetings & Trade Expo

And somehow….I have NEVER….EVER…been to an NAR Board of Directors (BOD) Meeting.

How is this possible? I really didn’t realize just how important that final session was. Committees and educational sessions seemed to be why I attended the meetings coupled with awesome networking. Now that I am president-elect of my local association, it is all making perfect sense now! Everything really comes full-circle when the directors vote yes or no on many of the very issues that eventually lands on my agenda  at my local and state BOD meetings.

If you’re reading this and you are a BOD Newbie too, go ahead and get loose, be free, be  adventurous and attend an NAR meeting then conclude it with the BOD meeting. You’ll feel like a new man or woman.

Quincy Clayton

Quincy has been a REALTOR® since 2001 and has a long history of serving military buyers and sellers. He is the pioneer of his local association YPN and has affectionately become known as "Mr. YPN.” As an extension of his local YPN, Quincy has also led the YPN and association to successfully launch Connecticut's very first REBARCAMP! He currently serves his local association as President. He not only serves his local association but shares his time and talents with the state and national associations, currently as a Connecticut board member and vice chair of the Communications Committee as well as vice-chair of the NAR Local Leadership Idea Exchange Council Medium Board Forum. When not volunteering his time to this great industry or selling homes, Quincy enjoys creating video tours for other REALTORS®, public speaking, teaching the Principles and Practices of Real Estate course, and playing the piano, bass guitar and drums. Quincy is thrilled to be part of the REALTORS® Rock Band as the keyboardist!! Finally, although singing is not his forte, he loves being behind a karaoke microphone which has become an NAR Conference tradition.

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  1. I went into today’s board meeting apprehensive and undecided about the Upstream/AMP initiative. My concerns ranged from a lack of full comprehension to a vague cost vs return analysis and almost everything in between. Mostly, I was frustrated at the expectation that we as a board should make such a profound and largely uninformed decision within 24 hours of learning about it. While a few concerns still remain, most were addressed, including why it had to be unveiled at the last minute. It passed, my own yes vote included, by an overwhelming majority resulting in cheers from the crowd. Because I have faith in those to whom I have entrusted leadership and because I believe in the system, I leave here with a great sense responsibility to own, support and advocate for this initiative and pride and excitement for the future of NAR. It is my privilege to serve on its BOD.