Get REALTOR and Phil Dunphy

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t watch Modern Family so I have no idea of the characters or story lines or what have you. But, as my social media channels began to “Fill with Phil” last week, I was intrigued. Then – I found out what was going on.

In case you hadn’t heard, NAR did something that is kind of historic with product placement. Instead of seeing a box of Cheez-Its in someone’s kitchen, NAR went the character product placement route. Phil is a REALTOR and, thanks to this agreement, everyone who watches the show knows what it means to be a member of the National Association of REALTORS. We learned today at the Social Media Advisory Board meeting that shares of Phil’s video where he’s talking about being a REALTOR are the most shared from the Modern Family collection online.

This has exploded on social media. A quick google under the news tab will show you stories not just in the main stream media but on sites like Buzzfeed, Inman, Curbed and others. “A stroke of brilliance!” “Now that’s thinking outside the box!” are some of the comments I’ve seen on this.  While you’re on Google, look under the video tab. There’s some good stuff there!

The Get REALTOR campaign is rolling along. States like California have created their own campaigns – complete with their own emojis’! Is your state looking at doing a local Get REALTOR campaign? You should! What a great way to spread the message about what we do every single day and why it is so important to use a REALTOR. Make this your own!

Check out the website if you haven’t already and share your story. There are some great stories there – you need to add yours.

And lastly – but not least – and interesting statistic was shared today: Consumers are now online, on average, 18 weeks BEFORE they contact an agent. This can be good and bad. Good because they’re doing their research and looking at homes…but bad because they’re doing their research. The big question is WHERE are they doing the research? Are they looking at trusted sites like or similar for advice on lenders, mortgages, inspections, etc or are they on some random site? This is where we should be – in front of consumers on our websites and social media channels, educating them and showing them our value as a trusted resource for all things real estate.  It doesn’t boil down to age groups or generational titles here, either. This is a basic: we need to be the source of information for our consumers, not some random website that somehow got great google juice.


Emmary Simpson

Emmary Simpson is a REALTOR® and MRP with Realty One Group Mountain Desert - Tucson. She's been in real estate since 2010 and partners with husband Kent. Her main focus is assisting our military members moving to or from Davis Monthan Air Force Base as well as retired members of all branches. She is also the Chair of the Education Committee for the Beverly Carter Foundation.

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