If you were able to attend the NAR 360 Tuesday afternoon, you were able to witness some really cool live music furnished by you own REALTOR and AE colleagues. I arrived to D.C Monday afternoon at about 2:30 PM with just enough time to unpack, freshen up and head over to the Marriott to join others in a REALTORS Rock Band rehearsal.

Realtors Rock at NAR 360

Rehearsal began at 5:30 with 6 songs to rehearse. What makes this such a special group is the fact that we only have one opportunity to rehearse together prior to performing. Robert Authier, CAE, RCE, e-PRO and CEO of Massachusetts Association of REALTORS lead the group over the last few several weeks leading to this conference via email providing us YouTube links to songs and lyric/chord sheets. Our task was to practice the music on our own at home until we would eventually come together for our live rehearsal. For about 3 hours, we labored over the music (with the help of a little pizza, wine and beer) and got to a place of satisfaction.

Our goal was to excite the attendees as they entered the ballroom for NAR 360. Our staple song was R.O.C.K with the REALTORS

A little Locomotion!

A little Locomotion!

(you may know this song as R.O.C.K. in the USA). By virtue of applause and participation, it seems the most popular song with the attendees was Elvis Presley’s Burning Love…so much so that an encore was done of Burning Love.

Here are your 2016 REALTOR ROCKS Members:

·         Rob Authier, Guitar, Harmonica

·         Mike McGrew, Drums

·         Quincy Clayton, Keyboard

·         Diane Ruggiero, Guitar

·         Belton Jennings, Guitar

·         Mark Lesswing, Bass Guitar

·         Pete Galbraith, Bass Guitar

·         Jesse Acevedo, Guitar

·         Judy Moore, Vocals

·         Maggie Tomkiewicz, Vocals

·         Bonnie Smith, Vocals


·         Dawn Lane, Vocals

Quincy Clayton

Quincy has been a REALTOR® since 2001 and has a long history of serving military buyers and sellers. He is the pioneer of his local association YPN and has affectionately become known as "Mr. YPN.” As an extension of his local YPN, Quincy has also led the YPN and association to successfully launch Connecticut's very first REBARCAMP! He currently serves his local association as President. He not only serves his local association but shares his time and talents with the state and national associations, currently as a Connecticut board member and vice chair of the Communications Committee as well as vice-chair of the NAR Local Leadership Idea Exchange Council Medium Board Forum. When not volunteering his time to this great industry or selling homes, Quincy enjoys creating video tours for other REALTORS®, public speaking, teaching the Principles and Practices of Real Estate course, and playing the piano, bass guitar and drums. Quincy is thrilled to be part of the REALTORS® Rock Band as the keyboardist!! Finally, although singing is not his forte, he loves being behind a karaoke microphone which has become an NAR Conference tradition.

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