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Tuesday at the Legislative Meetings

Tuesday started early with the Federal Technology Advisory Board.

First: We discussed the patent troll legislation that we were supporting through Congress, it was moving along well until the pharmaceutical companies got involved. We are trying to work with them and find a way to get this passed.

Second: We talked about data security and privacy; this is still a hot topic due the the seemingly constant hacking of large companies. Please remember that we are responsible for the data that resides on out phones, tablets, computers and cloud services we use and need to at a minimum password protect all of these. NAR has some great resources to get u to speed on this topic.

Third: We discussed the Internet of Things; this has becoming a booming industry. If you are asking yourself what is the Internet of Things, go to http://www.realtor.org and search for “CRT labs” and get up to speed on what smart home technology is out there and how NAR is taking the lead on testing and developing the products and services of the future.

Fourth: We discussed blockchain and real estate, this is an extremely important topic presented by Nobu Hata. Click here to see his slides.

Then off to the YPN roundtables we talked about the REALTOR® Pac 10 for 10 pledge; here is the link to take the pledge. I took the pledge and so should you.

NAR 360 was next; we heard from our REALTOR® Party, and from our President Tom Salomone. I love his saying for the year: “Average people do what’s expected of them. Great people do what’s expected of them, and then some!”

Then it was off to dinner and a impromptu monument tour.
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Tom Hormel, ABR®, CRS, e-PRO®

Tom has been a REALTOR® since 1999. He has been married to Andrea for 22 years and they have two beautiful children Kelsey, 18, and Grace 11. Tom has served the REALTOR® family on the local, state, and national levels. Tom has had some achievements he is most proud of one being chosen to Leadership Institute NW, and also getting to go to New Orleans on two separate trips to build with Habitat for Humanity after Hurricane Katrina.

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