Introducing the 2017 Featured Attendees

We’re excited to announce over 30 Featured Attendees for Legislative Live 2017, and ten of them are new to Legislative Live!

Alex Ruggieri (NEW!), Champaign, IL
Axay Parekh, Tulsa, OK
Brian Copeland, Nashville, TN
Bryan Atherton (NEW!), Shelton, CT
Carrie Bey-Little, Glen Ellyn, IL
Chad Gleason (NEW!), Kent, WA
Christopher Tenggren, St. Charles, IL
Crystal Swearingen (NEW!), Lawrence, KS
Deb Newell (NEW!), Eagan, MN
Emmary Simpson, Tucson, AZ
Erica Ramus, Pottsville, PA
Harrison Beacher (NEW!), Washington, DC
Heather Elias, Ashburn, VA
Karen Robertson, Plainfield, IL
Kerri Hartnett, Portland, OR
Leigh Brown, Concord/Charlotte, NC
Lola Audu, Comstock Park, MI
Marianne Guenther Bornhoft, Spokane, WA
Marki Lemons, Chicago, IL
Matt Difanis, Champaign County, IL
Maureen Francis, Birmingham, MI
Nobu Hata, Chicago, IL
Paula Angelopoulous Urbinati (NEW!), Naples, FL
Quincy Clayton, Groton, CT
Raphael Barta, Sandpoint, ID
Sean Moore, Columbia, MO
Steve Strode (NEW!), Portland/Bend, OR
Sylvia Seabolt, Garland, TX
Tiffany Curry, Houston, TX
Tim Blair (NEW!), Birmingham, AL
Tom Hormel, Spokane, WA
Tracy Johnson (NEW!), Milwaukee, WI
Veronica Malolos, Orlando, FL

Who Is a Featured Attendee?
A Featured Attendee is an active NAR member or real estate industry expert who will provide their unique viewpoint on the 2017 REALTORS® Legislative Meetings & Trade Expo, 15-20, in Washington, DC. Featured Attendees will share their event experience and give your an inside perspective on this critical NAR event and learn about public policy issues that matter to REALTORS®, their clients, and their businesses.

Look for Featured Attendees to contribute content such as photos, video footage, blog submissions – whatever format they are most comfortable using. They may report in from a committee meeting, provide a recap from a Capitol Hill visit, or document social events.

Our goal each year is to have a diverse group of Featured Attendees with a focus on different topics such as technology, legislative and policy changes, commercial aspects, etc. If you are interested in being a future Featured Attendee, please e-mail