America is Great Because America is Good

HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson spoke at Tuesday morning’s regulatory issues general sessions. Dr. Carson’s remarks focused on the value of all people, not just as constituents or beneficiaries of HUD programs, but rather as “human capital” and “human resources.” Carson also quoted Alexis de Tocqueville’s conclusion after studying the fledgling democratic republic that was the United States in the 19th century: “America is great because America is good.” That is, the country succeeds only because of shared values and the fundamental goodness of its people.

In subsequent Q&A with NAR President Bill Brown, Carson sounded eager to work with REALTORS® to protect taxpayer resources while ensuring the highest possible availability of affordable housing.

HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson Speaks at the regulatory issues genera session on Tuesday morning.

HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson Speaks at the regulatory issues genera session on Tuesday morning.

Matt Difanis

Matt is a multi-office broker/owner in Champaign, Illinois, home of the University of Illinois. He is a high producing team leader, a past President of the Champaign County Association of REALTORS®, the 2018 President of the Illinois REALTORS®, a past REALTOR® Magazine “30 Under 30” honoree, and a law school graduate. Matt is also a photography and videography junkie.

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  1. Ruby Caputo

    My concerns with HUD are the FHA guidelines for condos…I manage a condo group that started off as timeshare after a few years it was closed down and the property was completed full ownership condos. The property has 204 condos which 4 condos have 49 timeshare owners…we are trying to consolidate them into 1 or 2 units but it takes time. Several years back with the new guidelines they totally reject any thing that has even 1 member of timeshare. The property has not been able to obtain funding for mortgages in the past several years. It has crippled the owners and drove prices down 1/3, from where they were. I have spoke with FHA for several years pleading for help, it falls on deaf ears. I have lobbied our local Senators and Congress and am told the government does not meddle in private enterprise.
    I am looking for direction.
    Ruby Caputo
    Rubys Realty Inc