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Ron Insana, a Senior Analyst and Commentator on CNBC, started off the morning with a thought-provoking conversation at the Legislative and Political Forum. He opened with a joke that VP Pence had just offered his resignation, in light yesterday’s shocking revelations. The stunned looks in the room showed that most of us totally believed him – and I don’t think we could blame it on being at the first morning session of the week!

In his opening remarks, he outlined some of our key strengths – a “Fortress America” as he put it. His comments about America’s energy independence met with applause, as did his remarks about our housing recovery.

He also shared his sobering assessment of a White House in a “downward spiral,” and his opinion that he doesn’t believe our president will complete his four-year term in office. Mr. Insana also touched upon external issues of global importance that could also affect our economy greatly – such as a major conflict on the Korean peninsula.

On the whole, however, he remains cautiously optimistic, enthusiastic about what our technological advancements will bring, and looks forward to what the next generation offers us all.


Steve Strode

Steve is a Principal Broker based in Portland and Bend, Oregon. He is President-Elect at the Oregon Association of REALTORS®, and has served in leadership within NAR Global. When he is not selling real estate, or leading and coaching his agents, you'll probably find him on a muddy or dusty running trail.

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