Checking Out The Expo


I  love walking around the expo and seeing all of the new products that have come up over the last year.  One of my favorite spots to start is the NAR Reach section – which is in Hall A with the rest of the NAR booths.  (Click here for the layout)

The Mission of REach:  Our mission is to help companies connect with one of the largest industries in the world: real estate. By helping companies innovate in the industry we help hundreds of thousands of small businesses, millions of REALTORS® and consumers and the economy as a whole.

This year, there are two that stood out for me:

*TrustedMail – From the makers of Trust Stamp a safety program that verifies potential clients identities. Email safety should be on everyone’s mind these days with wire fraud running rampant. Personally, I’ve been on the hunt for an email program to be able to send things securely to my clients without having to spend 30 minutes on the phone, trying to explain how to log in, find their account, etc. Trusted Mail uses facial recognition instead of passwords. The demo took maybe 30 seconds top. It looks to be extremely user friendly, works with GMail, Outlook and other programs and..the cool thing is that if you are a large company, like a title company, they can customize the program to fit what you are using for email systems. I would definitely either stop by the booth or visit them online:

*Immoviewer is my next pick. This is a “DIY 3D Tour for real estate professionals”. Using a RICOH Theta camera, a tripod at the app, you can create amazing walk thrus of properties in 30 minutes or less. No heavy equipment to lug around with you or reposition through out the property. Think about all of the applications for an easy set up like this! Imagine creating a great looking walk thru of homes for your out of town buyers…or running virtual open houses and chatting with viewers while they look. Walking away from the booth, my brain went into overdrive thinking about all of the possibilities.

I’d stop by the Placester booth as well because of this news released today. Personal confession: I use Placester and absolutely love it. If you’re looking for an easy website with IDX, check them out.

There is a TON more to see in the Expo – from lockbox companies, MLS companies, sign companies… You name it, they are downstairs waiting for you. Find out more info here – vendors, times and all of the cool events that are going on through tomorrow.

Emmary Simpson

Emmary Simpson is a REALTOR® and MRP with Realty One Group Mountain Desert - Tucson. She's been in real estate since 2010 and partners with husband Kent. Her main focus is assisting our military members moving to or from Davis Monthan Air Force Base as well as retired members of all branches. She is also the Chair of the Education Committee for the Beverly Carter Foundation.

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