Masterminding: Certified Residential Specialist lists Re-imagine Future Initiatives.

Pat Zaby and Jeff Dowlers

Pat Zaby and Jeff Dowlers

2017 represents 11 years of being a part of the Active Rain Network! In 2006, I joined an online network of bloggers which opened up the world of real estate to me. Though, I never met many of these bloggers in person, there are several individuals to whom I am still connected to online from those early days of learning how to use the internet together.

So, when I walked into the CRS council yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised to see a familiar face – Jeff Dowler, a REALTOR® from California! I learned so much from Jeff through Active Rain. It was the first time we had ever met in person, although we had spoken over the phone. The other surprise was that we discovered that we were both members of the Council of Residential Specialists aka CRS.

Yesterday’s focus for me was about the future and the challenges and opportunities that lie in wait.  This year, I determined to be more intentional with my involvement in the Certified Residential Specialist Council and signed up to participate in the Education Mastermind.

A new initiative by the council, the Mastermind groups are composed of REALTORS® from across the country making recommendations and re-thinking the future initiatives which will shape how the council operates and hopefully encourage growth and member engagement.

Led by a moderator, the group of about 75 individuals made suggestions which included recommending the council give greater consideration to the impact of the global market place and pursue education objectives which were not currently offered. There was also discussion about planning for exit strategies, mentoring new members, who the council should focus on, and if the mission of the council was coherent with the current realities that the real estate industry faces.

As a newbie to this experience, I found the approach to be refreshing invitation to be invited to examine the potential for a new type of relationship with a council whose letters have been on my business card for many years.

Lola Audu

Lola is a first generation American. During the past 20 years as a REALTOR® and broker, she has had the pleasure of providing professional guidance during real estate transactions for people from all over the globe. Growing up in West Africa and having the opportunity to immigrate to America and travel in Europe created a global perspective to life and business. As the REALTOR® brand expands across the globe and now encompasses 60 nations, Lola’s interest in fostering inter-cultural dialog has facilitated the creation of innovative coursework to assist REALTORS® in engagement across multiple cultural contexts. Lola designs and teaches workshops and continuing education classes in cultural intelligence, fair housing and leadership innovation through crisis.

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