Spotlight: E’toile Libbett FPC for Congresswoman Brenda Lawrence

Dr. E’toile Libbett serves as the federal political coordinator for Congresswoman Brenda Lawrence. Licensed since 1986, FPC is just one of many hats E’toile wears in REALTOR® leadership, including state association director and the most recent recipient of the Greater Metropolitan Association of REALTORS® award for REALTOR® Active in Politics. Take a minute to get to know about E’toile’s work as an FPC.

Maureen: A federal political coordinator’s most valuable contribution to NAR is the relationship they develop with their member of congress. E’toile, how did you develop your relationship with Congresswoman Brenda Lawrence?

E’toile: My relationship was developed when I began to work on the congresswoman’s campaign for mayor of Southfield in 2001. Her passion was real, her thoughts made sense and she was ethical! When she was accepted to our sorority, that was icing on the cake, she became my sister. I have worked in all her campaigns since 2001 and she has kept that same passion as a public servant, that rational thinking and the ethics that I saw when I first met her.

Maureen: Thousands of REALTORS® are gathered in Washington this week to advocate for private property rights, but our work does not stop here. How do you keep Congresswoman Lawrence aware of REALTOR® Party issues when you are back home in Michigan?

E’toile: I see her staff on a regular basis for updates, hers and REALTOR® updates. I attend town hall or swearing in ceremonies and her fundraising activities. I am also a precinct delegate and an active member of the 14th district of the Democratic Party. She routinely attends our meetings and we speak when necessary. She knows I am always there to help professionally and personally.

I also make sure to keep a positive relationship with all of the in district staff of the Congresswoman. I let them know that they can depend on me to educate them on local, state and federal housing issues.

Maureen: What do you like about being a federal political coordinator?

E’toile: My involvement as a federal political coordinator gives me the ability to have a voice and to keep abreast of issues in my profession. I have made many REALTOR® and political friends as an FPC.

Maureen: You are involved in many volunteer causes, in REALTOR® leadership and in community development efforts. Why did you decide to volunteer your time as a federal political coordinator?

E’toile: It can be a delicate balance with personalities when working with people of all backgrounds and political beliefs. My training as a real estate professional has prepared me for working with a diversity of people and personalities and how to never give up!


E’toile Libbett (left) and Brenda Lawrence (right).

Maureen Francis

Twenty-four years ago, Maureen Francis left the U.S. to work as a business advisor in the first group of U.S. Peace Corps volunteers to serve in the former Soviet Union. After nearly a decade in Ukraine, Maureen found a new calling: residential real estate in her hometown of Birmingham, Michigan, where she is an Associate Broker with Coldwell Banker Weir Manuel. Maureen is a graduate of the 2015 NAR Leadership Academy, Past President of the Greater Metropolitan Association of REALTORS®, and a director of Michigan REALTORS® and the National Association of REALTORS®

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