How is the Sausage Made?

(Guest post by Kent Simpson – Land Use, Property Rights and Environment Committee)

How does NAR come up with its position on various laws, rules, and policies – especially with so many different aspects of the industry? Moreover, with the diversity of viewpoints inherent to an organization of over one million members, how is that even possible?
Real estate encompasses such a wide variety of practices, property types, and manner of needs, it is no wonder that NAR has a position on a vast number of topics – many of which might surprise you!
The process by which NAR policy statements get made is very similar to the one used on Capitol Hill itself – do you remember the old School House Rock short, “I’m Just A Bill”? Watch Here
An example of the journey is the updating of NAR’s policy statement on climate change. Due to the fact that this position is a decade old – and lots of things have happened in that time, it is time to explore whether it needs updating, revision, or left as it is.
Since the subject material deals mainly with land use, private property rights, and the environment, that committee formed a working group last year to analyze the statement and provide revisions if need be. The result of that working group was sent to several other committees that the subject (or results) could have an effect on, and commentary was taken into account. The working group’s work was presented to the committee in November, and it was determined that more work was needed. So a new working group was formed, with members selected to represent a wide variety of interests, geographic areas, and rural/suburban/urban areas, as well as some members of the previous group to provide continuity.
Over three months, this working group took a close look at the commentary received from the last year and worked through seven sessions to come up with a revision to place before the Land Use, Property Rights, & Environment Committee in May.
This time, the committee approved the revision and sent it to the Public Policy Coordinating Committee – where it was passed this morning with a minor change. Next, it heads to the Executive Committee, and if it passes there, the revision will be presented to the NAR Board of Directors for vote on Saturday. If the board passes the revision, then it will become the NAR policy statement on climate change – and direct how our government affairs staff deals with regulation and legislation that comes up in this area.
This process may seem a bit lengthy, but the care that is taken to “get it right” is how we have been such a successful, effective advocate for such a diverse array of issues. That is how you make sausage for a variety of palates! (If you have questions or would like more information, please contact Kent – )

Emmary Simpson

Emmary Simpson is a REALTOR® and MRP with Realty One Group Mountain Desert - Tucson. She's been in real estate since 2010 and partners with husband Kent. Her main focus is assisting our military members moving to or from Davis Monthan Air Force Base as well as retired members of all branches. She is also the Chair of the Education Committee for the Beverly Carter Foundation.

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