Game Changer Sessions at Women’s Council

Women’s Council hosted 600+ REALTORS® at the Washington Hilton after the legislative meetings. The first session included a fast passed, Ted Talk style, education program where the audience remained in the room and the speakers traveled to a different room every twenty minutes. If you missed the program here is a snapshot of the sessions.

Trends & Disruption in Real Estate – Nobo Hata

What you need to start doing is taking human elements offline. The online world is selling everything and we need to break through the noise. People are buying people, a unique thing and it’s not a secret. People having been doing this forever and we’ve forgotten how to relate. “It’s time to start telling story on the journey of home ownership better.”

Stop keeping what you do a secret. Share your value and explain why you get involved in Women’s Council. The consumer doesn’t know who you are and what you do and why you do it. Write relevant content and create video that encourages that compels the consumer to contact you.

Takeaways from Nobu: 

  • What’s on the backend of the online world today? The human element and the ability to collaborate and adjust based on behaviors online. The online systems are able to help you make a decision based on your what you’re doing.
  • Keep things simple in an online world. As REALTORS® we need to share our experiences online and provide real information in a consumable format.
  • What is your online message? Trust. Transparency. Empathy. Earned business. Anticipation. Work on creating human messages that compel people offline in the online world.
  • Do the above before, during, and after the transaction.

Fire up – Debra Trappen

Social media marketing might appear to be overwhelming and it doesn’t need to. Before marketing online it’s important to build a focused strategy for online marketing. Debra Trappen made social media marketing fun without using social media.

What you do before you market online!

Step One – Why

Why are we online? Knowing and owning who you are will attract people and opportunities to you like a magnet and makes you unforgettable.

Step Two – The CORE 4

  1. Core Values – What are your core values? – Download the free exercise to start the process We must be in line with our core values. Knowing your values helps you work with the right clients.
  2. Soultank – Write down five things that you love to do and do those fives things. The simple things you can do every day. What we are good at doing is taking care of others and not ourselves. Have a daily five-minute check in with one of those things.
  3. Purpose – Know your purpose. When you know your purpose you’ll understand how to reach others.  Define your purpose. What do people come to you for? People need what you’ve got. We all have our own unique talent.
  4. Niche/Focus – Define the four elements of your niche statements.
    1. Write down five people you loved doing business with. These are the people you answered the phone every time they call.
    2. Write down five people you hated doing business with and write down why? These are the people that make you lie.

Ideal Client + Their Problem + Your Solution + Your Sizzle (how do you want them to feel)

Step 3 – Guides

  • Who you follow – Follow people that are like you.
  • What you read – Read what’s relevant to you and your ideal.
  • Where you post – Post what’s relevant to your ideal client. Post where your ideal client is.
  • Words you use – Choose the words that people say when the see it. Hashtags make you discoverable.

Step 4 Reflect You?

  • Share what you want people to see.
  • Current profile photos everywhere and not a photo of something or someone that’s not you!
  • Progressive power creates ripples – engage in the conversation online. Liking doesn’t create engagement.

Bonus Tip:  No posting after NINE or two glasses of wine!

John Lin – Serving International Clients

How do you find international clients? 

There are many ways to find the international client. Start with your chamber or embassy, and tell your friends that you work with international buyers. Attend trade mission events, join international organizations, or attend the SelectUSA event – hosted by the international chamber of commerce.

How to qualify the international client

  • Do they have HSBC, Citi, etc.?
  • What is the investment size?
  • Are the funds already in the United States?
  • What is their visa status? Any foreigner can buy in the United States, however, they must have a physical property address to establish bank accounts, etc.
  • When will they arrive and for how long?
  • Is there a power of attorney? For United States citizens, if they are going to be out of the country it’s best to have a power of attorney in the states.
  • What is the investment objective? Typically, they are looking for a place for their family when they visit. Some want to park the money, and the US is one of the best places to park money. Once you park money in the United State it’s easier to transfer it.
  • Most people that come from other countries are looking for life style – subway systems, community, and schools.
  • Definitely learn the culture. Know Fengshui and use Google Translate, but be careful with Google Translate as it might not translate correctly.

There are a few apps you should download. Consider WeChat or Line, which are great for Asia and European countries. WeChat helps with translation. If you plan to go to China, WeChat is a great app for payment and communication. If you have AT&T or T-Mobile it’s simple to switch out the sim card to get a local number. If you use Gmail, Dropbox, and Facebook they may not work in some countries.


Carrie Bey-Little

Carrie Bey-Little, B.S., is a Certified Paralegal, Hootsuite Certified, DocuSign Certified, a C.E Instructor, C.E. Course Author, and Broker with Baird & Warner, IL. Carrie is the 2014 President for the West Suburban Chapter of the Women’s Council of REALTORS® in Illinois. She’s also produced television programming, and worked for McDonald’s Real Estate Division. Carrie is driven to motivate others to reach their professional goals, personal goals, and real estate dreams. As a C.E. instructor and trainer with Midwest Real Estate Data, she is able to educate 400 to 1000+ real estate professionals a month using the best MLS tools available in the United States. Carrie comes from the professional arena working with the latest technology as early as 1997 with NEC Technologies. She was an early adopter of social media, which gives her the experience to integrate tech into her training with a focus on making it practical for every real estate audience.

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