Lobby Talk and the “Power of the R”

In a sense, reading between the lines is an apt analogy for the undercurrent of networking and discussions that emerge in the hallways and restaurants during the REALTORS® Legislative Meetings & Trade Expo. The education sessions are always informative, but I have also found many salient moments of insights intersecting my lobby connections.

This afternoon, I had two discussions which highlight the “power of the R” in impacting communities locally, nationally, and internationally. I met Allison, a team leader with Century 21 Affiliated out of Chicago. Century 21 was where my real estate career started over two decades ago. We discussed the impressive rebranding that the Century 21 company has recently crafted to capture the imagination of millennials and the global market.

We also discussed at length the challenges REALTORS® face each day as we soberly deconstruct the most effective ways to ensure that homeownership remains a strong cornerstone of the American dream for everyone.

The second conversation in the lobby was even more impromptu but equally insightful. As a small group of REALTORS® from Ghana, the Republic of Benin, and Nigeria connected around the dynamic drivers of progress impacting the global marketplace – especially in West Africa. It was nice to make a real-life connection with Vicky Sampah, NAR’s Liason to Ghana. The unique differentiators and cultures across the globe are no longer limited to the world outside our borders. Increasingly, the cultural diversity within the rich biodiversity of life is present in every corridor of American life.

As a REALTOR®, I am always challenged to think and understand my world more deeply and intelligently at national conferences. I have found it to be one of the most exceptional aspects of the “power of the R.”

Lola Audu

Lola is a first generation American. During the past 20 years as a REALTOR® and broker, she has had the pleasure of providing professional guidance during real estate transactions for people from all over the globe. Growing up in West Africa and having the opportunity to immigrate to America and travel in Europe created a global perspective to life and business. As the REALTOR® brand expands across the globe and now encompasses 60 nations, Lola’s interest in fostering inter-cultural dialog has facilitated the creation of innovative coursework to assist REALTORS® in engagement across multiple cultural contexts. Lola designs and teaches workshops and continuing education classes in cultural intelligence, fair housing and leadership innovation through crisis.

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