Land Use, Property Rights, and Environment Committee Overview

We had two great guests today who spoke on national issues regarding land use in ways that I had not thought of, and I was glad to hear these things are happening.

Hannah Sholder from the Global Land Alliance talked with us about the Global Property Rights Index. She spoke about how they are working with nations around the world to help them make alliances with the people, business leaders, and the government that can help create viable living situations for people, while still benefiting the owner of the land, and making for best use of the land to meet the needs of the community.

Some of their projects use ideas that we may have used in the U.S. but we are actively using now. I thought that following them and blending the creative ideas from people and perspectives that cross cultures may provide some new combinations that could help our affordable housing challenges in America. We need some more good ideas about and for affordable housing, and maybe the international community can provide those.

We also had a speaker from the American Society of Civil Engineers, Emily Feenstra, an engineering company that rates infrastructure. Overall, our roads, airports, docks, bridges, and other key infrastructure are not as healthy as we would like, but you knew that already, didn’t you? Check out the infrastructure report card here:

The American Society of Civil Engineers are proposing a gas tax to try to get more funding to help get the projects moved up to be completed sooner than later. We all know there is a lot to do in that area. It is good to see people working on new ways to keep these projects moving forward and keeping the need in front of government leaders.

This committee leadership, specifically Russell Riggs, is also working with disability groups to create verbiage that HUD can use to give guidance regarding the service and emotional support animal’s situation in housing. Both the owners of the animals, the HOAs, and landlords in these situations would benefit from clear guidance from HUD. Thanks to Russell and our committee chairs, Cheryl Acker and Kathleen McQuilkin, who are in the photo.

Monica Neubauer

Monica Neubauer is the host of the Center for REALTOR® Development Podcast. She is a national speaker at association events and an instructor for CRS, REBAC, and REBI. In 2015, the Williamson County Association of REALTORS® awarded her REALTOR® of the Year and in 2014 REBAC presented her with the SRES Outstanding Service Award. Since 2002, Monica has helped people buy and sell real estate in the Nashville, Tennessee market, with a focus on Franklin, Tennessee, where she is a native. Monica is kind of a conference junkie since she teaches at them and attends them for her own education. Her favorite parts are attending the Expo to learn what is being offered and talked about in the marketplace, and networking with agents in the specific interest and niche classes she chooses to attend. The after-hours time waiting for dinner at the hotel is another high point—meeting and networking with others. Always learning, she is happy to be part of the Legislative Live team sharing what is happening at the meetings. Monica is an international traveler with a diverse life experience background. She speaks Chinese and has family in Sweden. She loves to learn about people and new things and brings that curiosity to all her classes. She hopes you will learn a lot through the Legislative Live experience.

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